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What's in the unsafe water128 million people in India lack safe water.  Many live in poverty in remote areas where there is no water treatment infrastructure.

Water-related diseases affect millions, mostly children, and women spend their days collecting water instead of working, growing food or caring for their children.  

They travel for hours, walking barefoot across dirt roads to collect water carrying dangerous bacteria like e. coli, salmonella and Hepatitus A that can make everyone sick.

Why?  Because it's all they have for survival.

Until you click that little "Give Now" button.

Give Now

India Partners is a 501(c)(3) charity that works alongside a number of agencies within India that are focused on alleviating poverty and injustice.

One of their programs provides safe and disease-free water to transform the health of a family - and even a community - for years to come.

Your gift of $53 will provide one family with clean drinking water.  

$265 will bless FIVE families with water that is safe to drink and they can avoid the scourge of these water-related life-threatening illnesses.

Additionally, India Partners' WASH (Water, Access, Sanitation and Hygiene) program teaches people the importance of hygienic practices to help prevent diseases and save lives.


Give Now


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