There are some traditions that are so worthwhile that you may consider doing this!

A Brazilian birthday tradition is to cut the first slice of your birthday cake and give it to the person you love the most.

In this video, a family celebrating one of their kid's birthday sees a priceless reaction in the person he gives the first slice of cake to.

Take a look:


A big yay!  On January 20th, Caltrans finished emergency repairs on the section of 18 that had been closed, at least partially, since the Christmas Eve storm washed part of the road down the hill.

In 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his most famous "I Have A Dream" speech at a civil rights march in Washington, DC. 

Unfortunately, we are not hosting our annual Hearts for Kids Toy Drive this year. But thank you to those who've asked about ways to give to help those in need during the holidays.

"The Chosen" has been a super popular hit streaming TV series this past year.  An open question has been whether that popularity could translate beyond a streaming service.  That question has been answered.


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