Check out what encouragement will be shared on Keep The Faith the weekend of Easter!

Someone Like You movie

Sometimes the only transportation to get you where you want to go is a leap of faith!  Karen Kingsbury took a leap of faith when she chose to turn her book, "Someone Like You," into a major motion picture that releases April 2, 2024.  You'll hear from Karen and her son Tyler a couple times in this show.  Check out theaters and showtimes from

How can God let bad things happen?

"If God is good, why is there evil and sadness in the word?"  Lauren McAfee, author of "Beyond Our Control," shares what happened to her sister that led to this kind of tough question.

Love is a major attraction

Traveling through Virginia, Keep The Faith's Confidence Coach Trish Blackwell discovered a cool way love can be experienced and shared.  Learn more about Trish's "College of Confidence" course and her book, "Staighten Your Crown."

It's a team effort

Tim Storey is a life coach to Hollywood stars and famous athletes and we're honored he is a contributor to Keep The Faith.  In this show, he shares how your miracle may be less a solo endeavor than a "team sport."  For more on that, check out his book, “The Miracle Mentality.”