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Please pray for healing from shingles. Thank you.

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Prayer requested by An anonymous requester, 07-22-2022 - 03:51:41 PM

For those hurting, and Sick

"For healing in Jesus name, we lift up the hurt, before you God. That the prayer warriors be heal ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Hector, 07-22-2022 - 02:44:54 PM


"I would like to request prayer for my sister-in-law, Enna. She has cancer. She's had multiple su ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Irene, 07-22-2022 - 09:07:08 AM

In need of prayer please

"Steve Herrera and family Prayer request please pray so God would help and protect and me and my ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Steve, 07-21-2022 - 09:09:36 AM

Psalm 120

"If you would please pray for The LORD to heal my backsliding and my body, mind, soul and spirit ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Ruben, 07-19-2022 - 06:01:08 PM

Jordan's training

"Our daughter Jordan is a senior cadet at West point military academy. At the end of June, she ha ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Betty, 07-18-2022 - 12:43:22 PM


"Please pray for Stacy she is my she's in the hospital with cirrhosis of the liver please pray fo ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Gloria, 07-18-2022 - 11:25:19 AM

Prayer Request

"Please pray for peace in my heart and mind. That I will leave ALL fears and worries and the Lor ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Brandi, 07-18-2022 - 07:36:37 AM


"Prayers please for the mass in my left breast to dissolve/dissipate & cancel out any disease ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Susan, 07-17-2022 - 10:18:36 AM


"Prayer Request: older brother to get a full time job, younger brother to excel in education and ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by anonymous, 07-17-2022 - 06:27:41 AM

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