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Healing from Pain

"Please pray for me as I face fibromyalgia. Asking that I would have days filled with less pain a ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by An anonymous requester, 11-23-2022 - 04:21:21 AM


Please pray I’m not sure how to defend myself. It doesn’t matter what I say or what I do

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Prayer requested by An anonymous requester, 11-22-2022 - 12:52:11 PM


"My spouse was just taken to the hospital. Praying that the test result and study show minor resu ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Charlene, 11-22-2022 - 11:02:29 AM


"My husband was laid off in September. We are not getting a lot of public assistance because we d ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by An anonymous requester, 11-21-2022 - 06:00:42 PM


"My husband and I got into a car accident this weekend. I'm pregnant and worry about the baby's h ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by An anonymous requester, 11-21-2022 - 01:45:23 PM

Healing marriage

"Please pray for son & daughter in-law. They have been together 15 years. They have 4 kids ag ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Linda, 11-21-2022 - 09:32:07 AM


"Please pray for me and Grandboys Johnny and Jack, that the Lord will guide us where to live and ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Connie, 11-19-2022 - 02:37:25 PM


Deliverance and protection from abusive and manipulative people and situations.

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Prayer requested by anonymous, 11-19-2022 - 08:11:31 AM


"Please pray for healing in my body and that a CT test I'll be having is clear and nothing abnorm ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Rayanne, 11-17-2022 - 07:06:19 PM

In need of prayer please

"Steve and family prayer request please. Please pray for my marriage. Asking for God's provision ..."  Read more

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Prayer requested by Steve, 11-17-2022 - 09:07:07 AM

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