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Please pray for my Dad

Please pray for our family. My Dad was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate cancer, which has spread to his bones. Our family is devastated. Please pray for strength for our whole family. Me, My Sister, My Dad, his Grandkids, his Friends. He is a wonderful man. He has suffered enough in this life. I pray that his passing from this world is easy and painless, and that he knows how much he is loved. We don't know how to move forward without him. Pray for healing for him and for us. He is the only parent I have left, and I am so scared. He was ALWAYS there for me and my sister no matter what. When he is gone, we will be alone. I need to keep my faith, and keep looking up, I know that is where the answers are.
Prayer requested by LINDA at 12:42:59 PM on 04-01-2024

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