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Lord, please have mercy on my dying father Beto, his strong, stubborn, disrespectful, ungrateful, personality and unbelief in You, is making it very hard to find him a caregiver. Lord please reveal yourself to him, change him, cause him to realize his blessings, break his pride, unbelief, foolishness, and mouthiness. Lord, please give his caretakers and siblings Your heart for him, patient and forgiving and enduring.

Lord have mercy of my aunt Maria. She has been ill and is now on oxygen, doctors cannot find what is lowering her red blood cells. Lord, may it not be anything serious, and may they discover the cause soon. Lord, Reveal Yourself to her, and heal her body. Lord, increase her adult kids faith, may they turn to You, in prayer.

Lord thank you for my marriage reconciliation. Lord forgive me. Please protect my marriage. give me Your heart, loving, more respectful, enduring, and forgiving for my Husband, and his for me. Lord our adult kids are the main cause of conflict, please resolve this, make my kids more self-sufficient, send them all the jobs they can do (may they find favor with their bosses), and give his kids, my step-kids Your heart for me (I truly feel they do not like me)...

Lord rewaken my kids to You , break all that keep them from You, and please break all addictions to worldly things, alcohol, foul/ungodly speaking, foolishness, pride, unforgiveness, marijuana, laziness, disobedience of mother, ungratefulness, their fears, and bitter, grief, anger (over lost of father in divorce, and death of loved one/friend)... have mercy on my kids Lord, You know their hearts, their good persons.

Lord, give me Your heart for my step-son and girlfriend, what do I do with these two disobedient Tenants...Save their souls, help her for she is the only one working, and is fed up with him, father of her daughters.

In Jesus name. Have mercy.

Prayer requested by An anonymous requester at 09:22:35 AM on 09-11-2023

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