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In need of prayer please

Steve and family. Prayer request please pray so God would help and protect me and my wife and kids from any legal matter’s, legal dangers from EDD and from any other debts we may owe. Anything that may cause us stress, or financial issues or any other type of problems. Please pray we get approved for rent relief. Please pray God’s protection over me and my family from being evicted. Asking that God would bless me and my family financially and help us have a savings one day so we are financially secure and be able to buy a home one day. Pray for good health for me and my wife and kids and family. Prayer for salvation for me and my wife and kids and the rest of my family members. Especially salvation for my Son Aaron who’s a good kid but says he doesn’t believe in God. Thank you for your prayers and time. God Bless you.

Prayer requested by Steve at 08:26:05 AM on 09-21-2022

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