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Daughter Ariana--my family

My Daughter Ariana B. has left home. It has been almost 5 years since this Journey has started. She will be 23 next month --this past May she graduated from a trade school and has (had,not sure if she's still working). She recently bought a car 7/3 and things, signs, patterns have been changing. She left our home last Thursday after she was being questioned about the someone from the car dealer at our home asking for the car back or they will report it stolen. My husband and I decided the last time we allowed her to come home she will not get another chance. With that being set, we still worry alot--she has mental health concerns and does take medication. I know she is grown and she will have to figure it out on her own now. I ask for prayer that Ariana will seek the Lord, for safety, for her to still have her job. thank you

Prayer requested by Joanne at 02:58:45 PM on 08-01-2022

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