Thank you for your service!

Veteran’s Day is an important day set aside to honor and show appreciation for ALL who have served in the United States military - in wartime or peacetime, living, or deceased. Each person, in every branch, holds our appreciation and esteem.  Though rank and decoration vary from one person to the next, every person is a HERO!

Veterans make sacrifices seen and unseen.  We celebrate your stance for God and country, peace and freedom.  And we recognize your services involve sacrifices at home.

That's because our Heroes also go by Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, Son and Daughter.  Time away from family means milestones and everyday experiences are missed.  Coming home is a beautiful time reunion of catching up on things, like hugs and holiday meals.

On this day we salute you and add our voices of gratitude.

Thank you!

Here are some fun options for observing the holiday.  Since there's rain in the local forecast some outdoor events are being postponed.

Restaurant Deals and Discounts

Not all locations participating. Military ID may be requested.
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Retail Deals and Discounts

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