We're so glad in our community of people who love God and care about each other that we have these pastors from churches throughout the Inland Empire sharing words of faith and encouragement with you.

The Bridge Church

The Bridge Church

  • Pastor Mike Seewald

Connect for more: thebridgechurchnaz.com

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

  • Pastor Jack Hibbs Message 1
  • Pastor Jack Hibbs Message 2

Connect for more: calvarycch.org

centerpoint church

Centerpoint Church Colton

  • Pastor Dane Aucker Message 1

Connect for more: centerpointchurch.church

Elevate Life Church

Elevate Life Church

  • Pastor Tom Flores Message 1
  • Pastor Tom Flores Message 2

Connect for more: https://www.elevatechurch.tv/

Granite Creek Community Church

  • Pastor Joshua Kapinsky Message

Connect for more: granitecreek.org

harvest christian fellowship


  • Pastor Greg Laurie Message 1
  • Pastor Greg Laurie Message 2
  • Pastor Greg Laurie Message 3
  • Pastor Greg Laurie Message 4

Connect for more: harvest.org

living truth christian fellowship

Living Truth Christian Fellowship

  • Pastor Michael Lantz Message 1
  • Pastor Michael Lantz Message 2
  • Pastor Michael Lantz Message 3

Connect for more: livingtruthcorona.org/

living truth christian fellowship making abortion unthinkable

Packinghouse Christian Fellowship

  • Pastor Ed Rea Message 1
  • Pastor Ed Rea Message 2
  • Pastor Ed Rea Message 3

Connect for more: packinghouseredlands.org

the rock church


  • Pastor Dan Roth Message 1
  • Pastor Dan Roth Message 2

Connect for more: rock.church

Sanctuary Church

Sanctuary Church

  • Pastor Rod Collins Message

Connect for more: sanctuarychurch.com

Sandals Church

Sandals Church

  • Pastor Matt Brown Message 1
  • Pastor Matt Brown Message 2
  • Pastor Matt Brown Message 3
  • Pastor Matt Brown Message 4

Connect for more: sandalschurch.com

VantagePoint Church

VantagePointe Church

  • Pastor Mark Lee Message 1
  • Pastor Mark Lee Message 2
  • Pastor Mark Lee Message 3

Connect for more: www.vantagepointchurch.org

Water Of Life

Water Of Life Community Church

  • Pastor Dan Carroll Message
  • Pastor Dan Carroll Message
  • Pastor Dan Carroll Message

Connect for more: wateroflifecc.org

The Way World Outreach

The Way World Outreach

  • Pastor Marco Garcia Message

Connect for more: thewayworldoutreach.org

Wildwood Calvary Chapel

Wildwood Calvary Chapel

  • Pastor Chris Fraley Message

Connect for more: wildwoodcalvarychapel.com