It's a Celebration! 🙌🙌🙏

A Day of Hope Fundraising Celebration…

36 hours of fundraising... 326 gifts.  101% of the goal for this fundraiser met!

When you listen HOPE Blooms

Day of Hope Fundraising Celebrations are special days!  They sound a little bit different and that's on purpose.  It's when we celebrate what God is doing through the ministry of 89.7 KSGN.

Amber, Keisha, Hope, and others shared their stories about how God redeemed their stories.  As you've listened we trust that you feel spiritually stronger and more hopeful.  He did for them as He will for you.

Thank YOU for giving!!

89.7 KSGN is community-supported, which means the strength and confidence available from listening is made possible by you and others who give.

  • If you already gave - THANK YOU!
  • If you meant to give you still can - THANK YOU!*
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We've heard the clear preference of listeners surveyed to keep fundraisers to no more than three days!  And your giving is helping to do exactly that.  We appreciate you! : )


89.7 KSGN provides inspiration to live more HOPEFUL

Tina: I listen all the time and it helps me hear from God. I want to make sure 89.7 KSGN stays on the air and keeps blessing people!
Brittany: We listen all the time. My kids in the backseat are singing all the songs!
Roberta: I’ve been listening a long time, and you’ve been there for me giving me the truth of God in my darkest times!

Your financial support helps our team keep sharing HOPE in the Inland Empire - as well as encouraging YOU every single day. 

Thank you! 😊

Brant & Sherri, Theresa, Scott & Sam, Penny & everybody behind the scenes

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