In the times we are living in, now more than ever, the need for food and resources are in high demand... with some being forced to choose between medical care, keeping a roof over their head, and even putting food on the table.

“I had been cut back on hours at my job, as a caregiver, and had already used up all my food stamps.  I have four little ones at home, ages 3, 7, 10 and 12. And I was running out of food and just needed help.  I was in desperate need. So I came to City Mission looking for food assistance, and they gave me a Family Food Box, filled with nutritious food, that lasted for a week for my family.”

city mission ministries story tanyaIt’s stories like Tanya’s that compel City Mission Ministries to provide Hope to the Hungry... and we want to join them in turning hunger into HOPE.

In the Bible (Acts 2:44-45; Acts 4:32-34) there’s a powerful story of what happened when the early believers gathered and gave, sold and used their resources to help others to the point where, "there was no needy person amongst them."

What a great reminder that a way to witness and care for others is to show the love of God through hearts of compassion and generosity.

If God has provided for you, and a little extra, why not share some of your blessing to help others?

After all, it is a blessing to give, right?

In spite of the conditions of today's world, we can believe the words of Jesus and follow the examples set by those early believers to be a community of people who love God and care about each other.

With your help now through November 18th, we will gather resources to provide as many meals as possible to the women, men, families, the elderly, disabled, and the homeless served by City Mission Ministries.

You'll help bring HOPE to the hungry when you...