What better way to show up for your community than by offering the gift of "home" to those being displaced from theirs.

People within local communities are partnering with Air BnB to offer free extra space for temporary housing to those in need.

Since 2012, well over 75,500 people have found places to stay -- from essential workers, to evacuees, and now Airbnb.org is looking to extend places to stay for Afghan refugees. 

"I feel really grateful that we had an opportunity to try to make things better. It was such a hard time -- you felt like you wanted to do something, and you just didn't know what to do." (Justin, Airbnb.org host)

What can you do?

1. If you have extra space to offer for temporary housing, visit airbnb.org and start hosting those facing crisis.

2. The other option is to donate for stays.

Your tax-deductible donation of any amount 100% supports people in crisis by covering the cost of temporary accomendations and waives any service fees.