NOTE: This position is no longer open for hire

89.7 KSGN has an immediate opening for the following position. Candidates may submit resume, production reel/portfolio at the link below.  No phone calls please.

Position: Content Specialist

Reports to: Content Director
Job Classification: Full Time Hourly – Non-Exempt

Job Purpose

The Content Specialist is responsible for helping the ministry of 89.7 KSGN thrive by creating, editing, and organizing both live and pre-produced content for distribution on radio and online platforms to attract and hold the attention of an increasing audience.

The Content Specialist will be expected to:

  • be proficient with Adobe Audition, and a quick learner of advanced editing and file organization techniques with great attention to detail, plus familiarity with other applications in the Adobe Creative Suite
  • have a clear understanding of the content distribution model and how to package content for destination platforms
  • effectively communicate in writing to document show content using proper grammar and accurate spelling


The following identification of Duties is not an exhaustive or all-inclusive list of duties that may be assigned to this position, nor does it restrict the related work that may be assigned to this position at the discretion of senior management.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Overall/Admin duties

The Content Specialist will be expected to:

  • provide informed, creative input in the development of programming and promotional initiatives that clearly communicates core brand values
  • assist in the creation of specific campaigns consistent with the station programming and promotional engagement strategies
  • participate in weekly and daily in-person or remote video planning meetings as required
  • meet or exceed deadlines set by management

Show Production

The Content Specialist, in preparing daily show content, will:

  • review show content segments and make basic editorial decisions according to content strategy guidelines
  • edit and produce daily show content according to audio specifications and input to automation system for on-time broadcast
  • write synopses of content segments for review by Management and for use in FCC reports
  • manage an archive of re-usable content
  • produce daily/weekly show promos to support Content strategy

General Production

The Content Specialist will be assigned various general production tasks to:

  • create multi-track audio, video, graphic, and written text content for on-air or online platforms.
  • conduct/record audio and/or video interviews and edit into content segments
  • produce general promos or announcements, which may involve copywriting or voicing
  • archive and document media content: involves organizing/saving media files, writing synopses/descriptions, etc.

Other duties

The Content Specialist will be responsible for other duties as assigned, which may include:

  • Assist with logistics for promotional engagement events, including setup of tent/table, broadcast/recording equipment, etc.
  • Represent station at on-site appearances and events
  • Assist in training of volunteers for appropriate event and programming tasks
Station Operator
  • Monitor station live audio to ensure proper programming execution and broadcast quality, and report to management conditions that are out of compliance with the defined policies and procedures of the station, state and federal codes and regulations, and FCC guidelines for content and requirements for station identification
  • Respond to Emergency Alert System alerts or tests as instructed by the Supervisor or Engineer
  • Perform as a live board operator up to 4 hours per day for station and third-party on-air fundraising campaigns
  • Know how to implement backup procedures for automation and audio routing systems and periodically practice those procedures

Essential Worker Designation

Because of the need for quick reaction times and the use of multiple company systems to fulfill duties outlined above, this position, along with other Content/Program staff positions, is considered to be an Essential Worker required to be present at the company’s regular daily work environment or temporary company-designated location.  Telecommuting is not an accepted work arrangement except as a rare and temporary condition.


Minimum Requirements

  • At least 2 years of fulltime digital audio/video/graphic media production experience
  • Highly desired is 2-4 years of experience in faith-based/religious broadcasting
  • Very strong communication and storytelling skills, both written and oral
  • Must be willing to sign the Statement Of Faith of Good News Radio (view)

Additional Requirements

  • Proven ability to consistently work well with others
  • Must be a self-starter who is highly motivated, dependable, energetic, and displays exceptional and consistent professionalism and enthusiasm when representing the ministry
  • Ability to multi-task and manage time in order to create and present compelling on-air and online content
  • High attention to detail, committed to delivering flawless work, able to flexibly work under short deadlines while maintaining a high level of energy, commitment, and passion for results
  • Ability to generate, develop, and implement original ideas and to think creatively about how to communicate to a target audience
  • Working knowledge of the radio market, radio programming styles, audio/video production styles, and audience demographics
  • General knowledge of federal (FCC, FTC, IRS) and state regulations governing contests, giveaways, prizes
  • Possess a strong working knowledge of faith-based/religious subjects relevant to the target demographic audience

Technical Knowledge/Experience

  • Working knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system including file management and search techniques and locating and running installed applications
  • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Outlook) and ability to create, format, and modify documents and spreadsheets
  • Demonstrated ability to create content with Adobe Creative Cloud software applications, particularly Audition, Photoshop, and Premiere
  • Demonstrated ability to work with broadcast automation systems
  • Demonstrated ability to work with broadcast telephone audio interfaces


  • Ability to read computer screens
  • Regularly required to use hand/eye coordination to operate audio mixing consoles and computer keyboards and mice
  • Position regularly stands, sits, stoops, bends, crouches, squats, kneels, climbs, and/or descends stairs, reaches with hands and arms. Finder dexterity required including the ability to grasp and pull with hands and fingers
  • Physically and technically able to set up equipment such as tents, audio systems, tables, banners, and more
  • Vision requirements include peripheral vision, close vision (20 inches or less) as well as distance (20 feet or more) and ability to distinguish between colors.
  • Able to regularly lift or move 50-lb. objects
  • Able to work in office environment with controlled temperature conditions and moderate office noise from standard equipment such as computers, phones, copier/printer machines
  • Able to work in indoor and outdoor environments with varying weather conditions such as heat, cold, and rain and high volume/loud noises such as those in a concert venue, street traffic, street work equipment
  • Able to drive and maneuver a cargo van/SUV and load/unload cargo


  • The Content Specialist is responsible for operating within the defined policies and procedures of Good News Radio, the Federal Communications Commission, and any/all State and Federal codes and regulations, and must demonstrate the ability to make consistent compliance decisions
  • Critical and creative decision-making is an essential component of this position
  • Circumstances may dictate the need to make individual and immediate decisions, which will be reviewed by supervisors, to ensure timely and relevant programming content
  • There may be a need for intuitive, on-the-spot problem resolution requiring critical thinking and analysis.  Such decisions may impact the ministry’s on-air programming or public representation in the community

Good News Radio is a religious broadcaster and faith-based 501(c)(3) corporation. As such, Good News Radio makes reasonable good faith efforts to recruit from a diverse group of qualified applicants and offers employment to those who subscribe in their beliefs and actions to the ministry’s Statement of Faith.