Our Team

Get to know a little better the people you hear on the radio.

Brant & Sherri
On the air

Mon-Fri 6AM-9AM
Mon-Fri 1PM-3PM
Sunday 10AM-2PM

Brant Hansen hosts the morning show from 6AM - 9AM weekdays, weekday afternoons from 1PM - 3PM, and Sundays 10AM - 2PM.

If you'd like to be part of the show with Brant and Producer Sherri, they have a specific phone number to call - 855-90-BRANT (855-902-7268)

Scott & Sam
On the air

Mon-Fri 3PM-7PM
Sat 10 AM - 2PM

Scott & Sam take you home each weekday afternoon from 3 PM to 7 PM, helping you decompress from the workday and transition into homelife.  You can also hear them Saturdays from 10 AM - 2 PM.

About Scott

Graduated from Lewiston High School, and a tech' school in Phoenix with an emphasis on Communications.

The greatest loves of my life are my beautiful wife and four children. Gabriel is the youngest in the family with a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. McKayla is daddy's girl and an incredible volleyball player. Tyler is in the Air Force Reserve and has served in the Middle East. Whitney is mama's girl and married to Ben. They are parents of our first grand-baby, Theo. Jett is our Miniature Long-Haired Wiener-Dog and Luna is our Parakeet.

I have an obsession with Black Bamboo, fresh home-made bagels and Arabica bean certified organic, Free Trade coffee.

About Sam

Sam is madly in love with her husband Carlos - they have two grown boys and an amazing eleven-year-old Desmond.

They have an amazing little girl named Zoe who happens to have an extra chromosome and a personality that shines like the sun. They also have a huge shelter dog named Chloe and no spare time at all!!


Theresa Ross
About Theresa

From a very early age, I had a dream on being on radio and TV. Then when I started college, at what is now Cedarville University, in Cedarville, Ohio I was pursuing a degree in Communication Arts and Professional Writing.

As far as the whole realm of radio, that opportunity was literally dropped in my lap. My friend, Betsy, who was a Nursing major had a really great voice so she was doing commercials for the radio station on campus (the CDR Radio Network). She introduced me to her boss and the rest is history.

I auditioned reading some news and I know it was not that good but he hired me to fill in. Before I knew it, I was being asked to do all kinds of things including lots of weather and newscasts. Ever since that time, I have been able to work in a number of markets like this great place we call the Inland Empire.

I'm incredibly passionate about the music we play on 89.7 KSGN because I know that it is having an impact on lives, bringing those who are searching - to truth.

I adore my family which is made up of my best friend, hubby Terry, aka personal chef, daughter, Johanna, and son, Jordan, and let's not forget our other babies, a Jack Russell Terrier named JoJo and a Min Pin named Baxter.

On the air

Mon-Sat 7PM-12AM

Penny is your host of the evening show weekdays from 7PM-12AM Monday - Saturday.

About Penny

From the second Penny heard the big radio stations in Boston, God had put it in her heart that this is what she was meant to do. She has moved all around the USA on her radio journey traveling the path God had in store for her in radio and now she feels very blessed to be able to share contagious encouragement with Southern California's Keep The Faith.

Life can be difficult at times, but sometimes all you need is a little reminder that God IS there and he IS in control... you are NOT alone.

Penny is the mother of 3 beautiful boys (Alex, Ricky and Casey) and an amazing IT husband. (Plus a 21-year-old cockatiel and a 1 year old puppy.)

Sarah Taylor
On the air

Sat/Sun 4PM-7PM

Sarah Taylor is the onair host for Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 4PM to 7PM.

Jeremy has been in a few radio stations over the years... including this one since 2012! 

Most of what he does is behind the scenes - just making things work - but you'll hear his voice from time to time on the radio.