Here are the top songs the Music Team voted for this week.

**Check out the music video to each song in our Top Songs playlist on Youtube**

  1. youtube famous for tauren wells
    "Famous For (I Believe)" - Tauren Wells 
  2. youtube graves into gardens elevation worship
    "Graves Into Gardens" - Elevation Worship
  3. youtube battle belongs phil wickham
    "Battle Belongs" - Phil Wickham
  4. youtube truth be told matthew west
    "Truth Be Told" - Matthew West
  5. youtube less like me zach williams
    "Less Like Me" - Zach Williams
  6. youtube out of my hands jeremy camp
    "Out of My Hands" - Jeremy Camp
  7. youtube run to the father matt maher
    "Run to the Father" - Matt Maher
  8. youtube help is on the way toby mac
    "Help Is On The Way" - TobyMac
  9. youtube good god almighty crowder
    "Good God Almighty" - Crowder
  10. youtube hold on to me lauren daigle
    "Hold On To Me" - Lauren Daigle
  11. youtube thankful verses
    "Thankful" - VERSES
  12. youtube say i wont mercy me
    "Say I Won't" - MercyMe
  13. youtube next to me jordan feliz
    "Next to Me" - Jordan Feliz"
  14. youtube faithful god i am they
    "Faithful God" - I Am They

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