It wasn't long ago that 14-year-old Joshua was being mocked for his bowed leg condition.  Thankfully, he was treated at the CURE Children's Hospital in Zambia, and is now fully healed and walking perfectly!

His story is a great example of the impact you can have in a child's life by partnering with 89.7 KSGN and CURE International!

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Joshua's condition was congenital, which means he was living with his painful disability since birth.  That's fourteen years of being excluded.  Fourteen years of social stigma.

In his words, "People do look at me in an awkward way and it makes me uncomfortable, and some do laugh at me which is painful."

See for yourself! 

The hospital in Luapula Province, where Joshua is from, told his family there was no hope for him.  With no option for healing, he suffered for many years, walking a long distance to and from school in pain.

But one day, a CURE mobile clinic came to their region, a twelve-hour drive from the hospital.  At the clinic, Joshua was invited to come to the CURE Children's Hospital in Zambia, which provides world-class corrective surgeries at no cost to patients and their families.

After receiving medical treatment, physical therapy, and hearing the Good News about Jesus Christ, Joshua returned home to finish his recovery.  When the CURE team visited months later, they found a brand new boy who was fully healed!

More kids like Joshua who live in low-income countries can be healed from treatable disabilities and trauma through God's love.  You can help make this happen by donating to CURE International today!

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