A quick riddle for you! And I admit I’m not great at making riddles, but here goes:

What’s something everyone desperately needs to live, but fewer and fewer people seem to have?

My answer: HOPE!

People are quite literally dying for it. And while our culture offers practically anything imaginable… it does not offer hope.

Thankfully, you do when you support the ministry of 89.7 KSGN!

Now is the time to SHINE… which might look something like this!!

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89.7 KSGN isn’t just some nice music. It’s not mere entertainment. What we do offers hope, lasting hope in Jesus, to a society sinking in anxious despair.

We believe 2024 will be a year of shining brightly with even more HOPE. And a gift from you of $200, $500, or more before the annual tax deduction deadline of midnight December 31st is a significant part of that effort!

It's really easy to give when you tap GIVE on this page OR call 888-897-5746 and press Option 2 (for donations)!


Thank you so much, and God bless you and your family this holiday season!

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Brant Hansen
89.7 KSGN morning co-host with Producer Sherri