Scott & Sam

Scott & SamScott & Sam take you home in the afternoons to help you decompress from a busy day and transition into homelife.

You can hear them on the air Monday - Friday 3 PM to 7 PM as well as Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.

After a cancer diagnosis earlier this year there have been endless, unexpected experiences and friendships along the way.  Sarah is a new friend and she said something that means so much.

This kid is a rockstar!  Zoe will have you making these with your own kids in no time! 

Cooking with Zoe has been such a joy.  Zoe gets so excited to share what she has been learning and the time in the kitchen teaching her to be a little grown-up is nothing short of amazing!

These are times when we get heart stress that comes right into our feeds.  A constant hum of anxiety.  Packed schedules and too much work...