Brant Hansen

Brant HansenThe Brant Hansen Show is one of the most listened to shows in the Inland Empire - and we're honored to be their radio home in Southern California.  Brant and Producer Sherri are on the air from 6 AM - 9 AM weekdays... and 1 PM - 3 PM weekday afternoons.

And the "Best Of" Brant & Sherri are assembled for you to hear from 10 AM - 2 PM on Sunday.

If you'd like to be part of the show (can you save an alien planet or beat Brant in the Octagon of Knowledge?), call 855-90-BRANT (855-902-7268)

Brant appeared on Good Morning America to share some really awesome things about dealing with anger, taking offense, and looking at ourselves.  Here is the video!

Welcome, misfits.  Please have a seat at our table.

Do you have friends?  Are you on social media?  Brant has written a song for you!

These are people so happy in the morning (and still are in the afternoon) and laughing on the radio...

Now you can listen to more of the show after the show! :)  Check out the latest episodes!