We always want to know how you feel about the songs played on 89.7 KSGN.  That's why there is a standing invitation for you to help us make wise, informed decisions when it comes to our music.

Signing up for the Music Team and filling out the regular surveys are how YOU impact the music selection.

As an example, below are lists of the most popular songs played on 89.7 KSGN right now vs. one year ago.  As you can see, the lists are quite different!

March 2023

Gratitude Brandon Lake
Build A Boat Colton Dixon
Same God Elevation Worship
Then Christ Came MercyMe ft. Phil Wickham
Always Chris Tomlin
Me On Your Mind Matthew West
Fill My Cup Andrew Ripp
Who I Am Ben Fuller
Perfectly Loved Rachael Lampa
STAND Newsboys

March 2022

House Of The Lord Phil Wickham
Fires Jordan St. Cyr
Goodness Of God Bethel Music ft. Jenn Johnson
Egypt Cory Asbury
Yes I Will Vertical Worship
RATTLE! Elevation Worship
Raise A Hallelujah Bethel Music ft. Jonathan & Melissa Helser
On Our Way MercyMe ft. Sam Wesley
When You Speak Jeremy Camp

Something about last year's list you may not detect right away are the songs that are seldom played or no longer played at all on 89.7 KSGN.  Yep, there are some!

Eventually, that will also be true of this year's list.  Which songs stay and which go have always been determined by song survey participants.

See how important you are! 😊

Songs can be very impactful, even life-changing, and we know of no better way to ensure we are sharing HOPE with all who listen to this radio station than to play the songs making the greatest impact on you and the people you love.


You help choose what happens to our songs when you vote for your favorites.

P.S. Look for this space to hold regular updates on what's happening with the music of 89.7 KSGN.