It's decision time!  If you're making a playlist for this weekend, which of these songs are on it?

Staying connected to inspiring music is a key way to always keep hope alive in your heart and share that light with those around you.  That's where having 89.7 KSGN playing uplifting songs wherever you are comes in!

Oh, but what songs would those be?  🙋 Have an idea, you say?  Awesome!

Log in to the Music Team to let us know which of these songs you want to be sure we're playing for you.

Same God Elevation Worship
Gratitude Brandon Lake
Thank God I Do Lauren Daigle
Then Christ Came MercyMe
I'm So Blessed CAIN
Love Me Like I Am for KING & COUNTRY ft. Jordin Sparks
I See Grace Micah Tyler
This Is Our God Phil Wickham
No Matter What Jordan St. Cyr
The Lord's Prayer (It's Yours) Matt Maher
Something Better Blanca
Make Room Meredith Andrews ft. Sarah Reeves & Chris McClarney
Anxious Heart Jeremy Camp

It takes just a minute or two for the survey and you can go right back to hearing full songs and encouraging stories on the radio.  We promise! 😁

By the way, the current Music Team survey with the songs on the list above ends at midnight Sunday, July 30th.  If you complete your short survey by then, or if it's already done, you'll have a chance to win an Amazon gift card worth a cool hundred bucks! 🙌

(See the contest rules)

Thanks for making a difference today!


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