What This Is About

City Mission servingWe partner with Riverside City Mission and San Bernardino City Mission to feed and care for the hungry, homeless and unemployed in the Inland Empire - particularly those who find themselves without family or friends to love on them.

City Mission serves hundreds of thousands of meals every year - and close to half of those in October, November & December.  Donations from the 89.7 KSGN community will help provide a significant portion of those meals.

What You Can Do

City Mission Ministries operates in such a way that $1.57 provides food and care for one person. So the simple question we pose to you is...

How many people can you serve with food and care?

  • $50 will serve about 32 people
  • $100 will serve about 64 people
  • $250 will serve about 159 people
  • $500 will serve about 318 people
  • $1000 will serve about 636 people

Your donation goes directly into the work of the City Missions to help feed the hungry and provide additional services to help those in need.

To give, or to learn more about City Mission Ministries and how you can get involved with them, please visit Riverside City Mission or San Bernardino City Mission.

Your donation for this Hope to the Hungry campaign goes directly to the Riverside City Mission San Bernardino City Mission  Donation receipts and giving records will come from City Mission Ministries, not from 89.7 KSGN.

For questions you might have regarding your donation, please call 909-649-0011.

The community of 89.7 KSGN is passionate about what God is doing in Southern California and partners with you and local organizations to MAKE A DIFFERENCE by loving and caring for each other!!