Woah... what is all this different music I'm hearing on my favorite radio station? Well, let's talk about it! :)


We're glad you're interested in continuing the conversation about Christmas music.  We fully understand that a major change like what we'll do here from Thanksgiving to Christmas gets some attention - and not all of that comes from people who are positive.  After all, the songs they've come to rely on to connect to their faith, lift their spirits, and help them deal with life are no longer on their radio.  Aaaaaccck!

We hear you, and can relate to how you feel.  At one time or another, many of us have had an aversion to Christmas music.  Clearly, it didn't make us feel like it made other people feel. 

But then, there have also been times when we've wanted to feel the joy of it, the innocence of it, and what it represents about family, shared community, and about Christ.

Just as you’ve experienced hope and encouragement listening to the regular programming of 89.7 KSGN, many others have as well because they were introduced to the station for the very first time after someone told them that this is where they could find Christmas music.

We could never afford the amount of advertising it would have taken to let these people know this radio station exists – and even if we had that kind of money to spend to make them aware they never would’ve chosen to listen without knowing we play music they know.

Those are hearts that may have never changed, or found this station to be as you have – a source of daily encouragement in faith, if Christmas music was not the welcome invitation that it was to them.

89.7 KSGN exists as a radio station in order to reach the greatest number of people possible with the light of Hope.  We know from the source that gauges listening to all radio in Southern California that more people during the holiday season listen to Christmas music on the radio than they do to any other single radio station at any time in the year.

In 2020, the station in Los Angeles known for Christmas music had THREE TIMES as much listening as the 2nd most popular radio station.  At no other time ever is one radio station more than a percentage point or two, or tenths of a percentage point, more than another.  That year they were 10(!) FULL points ahead of the next station.

Normally in the Inland Empire, that radio station has half the number of listeners as the most listened to station here.  During Christmas, they have MORE listeners than any other station – and they’re not an IE radio station.


What we recognize in those facts is this: MILLIONS of people in Southern California have a great hunger, a great desire, to hear something that makes them feel better in the midst of the chaos of their lives – something that gives them comfort, joy, peace, hope.

For them, your neighbors and mine, it’s Christmas music that provides that.

So what we’ll attempt to do between Thanksgiving and Christmas is welcome everyone to find what they’re looking for in a community of people who love God and care about each other – a community we’re glad you’re a part of.

We’ll reach more people.  We’ll grow our community of faith and inspire more hearts with The Hope of Christmas.  We'll make a difference.  That's why we're here.

That doesn't mean we don't want to also serve those who long for the songs that mean so much to them.  We absolutely do, so...

An alternative

While we're offering Christmas music on the radio, we will take an additional step to offer friends who want our regular music programming to find everything you've come to love about 89.7 KSGN in an additional audio stream available on our website and our mobile app.

What this means is that you can now choose, at any time, either a Christmas music version or Contemporary Christian music version of 89.7 KSGN! :)

We do appreciate you and your input.  Thank you for letting us share this perspective and for allowing the 89.7 KSGN family to share in the joy of the season with you.

With warmest Christmas greetings and cheer,

Your friends at 89.7 KSGN