It's no surprise that with all the turmoil in the world more people than ever are longing for a chance to reconnect to each other - and to the warm memories and feelings of love, and joy, and peace brought on by Christmas music!

Welcome to 89.7 KSGN! We're honored to have you join us at The Most Wonderful Time of the Year when you and all your family and friends can be part of something that unites more people listening to the radio than anything else at any time of year - Christmas music!

You'll hear favorite and memorable songs of the holiday from Thanksgiving through Christmas - along with stories of encouragement and hope...

...on our mobile app or on the Listen Live page!


Specifically on weekends, we're offering what we call "Hope Of Christmas Weekends."  You can set your radio or streaming device to 89.7 KSGN all weekend long for constant Christmas enjoyment - continuous Christmas songs and stories, no endless strings of commercials.

More Christmas

For more on Christmas kinds of things - music, local events, special family activities, and more - check our Christmas page.

Whether you listen to 89.7 KSGN always, sometimes, or never, our welcome mat is out to you.  Invite everyone you know to listen!

And let's all come together as one community and have a...

Merry Christmas!