Have you ever felt like you weren't enough?  Maybe it goes back to choosing teams on the playground and you weren't chosen.  Collette is right there with us, she said, "My mission of my company is really about creating jobs for people who have disabilities.  I know exactly how they feel."

In the last two years her business really started booming.  It's done about 1/2 million in sales without any loans or outside investors.  Collette's tipping point was being turned down by so many bakeries that refused to hire her.  She'd get rejection emails about how she wasn't a "fit."

"So, the company was really birthed by rejection."

She's got a baker's dozen worth of employees working for her cookie company & she's not even 30 yet.

collette n package

So what label do you feel is holding you back? Maybe you've been set free and don't know it.

Collette's label was Down Syndrome.