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I would like to ask for prayers for my sister Miriam. She is in process of buying her home. Would like prayers that the process would be a successful one. I am also asking for my sister Cynthia. Her home needs to get sold before it goes into foreclosure. I ask that God will intervene in this situation that has definitely been a very difficult one for her after she got sick from COVID 2 times. Her husband had an affair and left the home and did not want to help her pay for anything. She deals with bad anxiety and trauma and depression after many years of abuse. It’s been very painful to see my sister trying very hard to keep it together and pay her bills and go to work through all this difficult moments. Please pray for my two sisters and pray for me as well not feeling very well myself and am also losing my home. My husband wants to now move into a car and I don’t know what to do.

Prayer requested by An anonymous requester at 08:54:04 PM on 08-07-2022

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