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ATM and overdraft fees going up

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It's going to cost you more for using a bank ATM that's not at your bank. ATM usage fees are increasing. The average fee is now $4.35 per transaction. Overdraft fees are also going up, $32.74 is the new average for an overdraft fee.

(source: abcnews.go.com)

First case of Ebola on US soil

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The first case of Ebola has been diagnosed in the US. The CDC says the patient from Dallas picked up the virus in Liberia back in mid-September, and went in for medical treatment just a few days ago. The patient is under quarantine and the CDC says "we will stop it here."

(source: abcnews.go.com)

New Toyota pick-up truck recall

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Toyota's recalling a bunch of older pick-up trucks. Their rear-suspension systems could break and cause a fire. This is going back to some 2005 models.

(source: cbsnews.com)

Some San Bernardino Metrolink lines being cut

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If you ride the Metrolink, you may have to change your daily route. $600k in annual funding is being cut so, several trains on the San Bernardino line are being cut. The #310, #327, #339 and #338. Those trains run at mid-day and late at night. The changes kick in October 6th.

SoCal Edison trying to even out it's rate structure

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So Cal Edison is trying to even things out amongst it's customers. Back during the energy crisis, the way rates were set-up, high usage customers paid even more in overall costs, and low-usage customers paid way less than they should have. That means high usage customers have been unfairly shouldering the load, paying $600 million more per year than they should have. So, Edison is coming up with a new rate structure that balances it all out. If you're a low usage customer your $36 monthly bill would go up to $51, average usage customers bill would go from $91 to $102 per month, and a high usage bill would go from $187 down to $168.

(source: sbsun.com)

Enterovirus spreading

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277 kids across 40 states have come down with it. The CDC is looking into 9 cases in Colorado, of kids with paralysis, and it may be linked to this virus.

(source: inlandnewstoday.com)

Daily water allocation could be next

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Looks like we're one step away from water rationing. Our state is heading into year 4 of this severe drought, and some areas have started assigning households a daily amount of water to be used. If the household goes over that amount, it's reflected on the next water bill. That's happening in places like Santa Cruz California, Irvine and Santa Monica but, could spread to other areas real soon.

(source: sgvtribune.com)

New Ford recall

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Close to one million Ford cars and SUV's are under recall because there's a glitch that could cause the airbags to fail in a crash. The recall is on the 2013-2014 Ford C-Max compact, midsize Fusion, Escape SUV and the Lincoln MKZ luxury car. Your dealer should be able to give you more info.

(source: nbcnews.com)

Apple pulls the plug on ios8

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After numerous complaints that the ios8 update is causing problems like cell phone interference and other glitches, Apple has pulled the plug on it. They say there's a fix and you can get it at Apple.com.

(source: kgw.com)

What women really want in a husband

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When it comes to looking for a husband, what's the most important thing a woman wants? It's not, morals, religious beliefs, or child rearing compatibility. The most important quality is that he be gainfully employed.

(source: money.cnn.com)