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It's Child passenger safety week

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When is it ok to move your kid out of the booster seat mom and dad, is it 8 years old or 80 pounds? This group Safe Kids Worldwide just came out with some new recommendations.

Source: safekids.org 

3,000 troops to help fight Ebola in Africa

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3,000 of our military will be heading off to West Africa to fight Ebola. 2,200 people in West African countries have died from Ebola, several people have been flown to the US for treatment.  The President is now sending the support to help build medical treatment facilities there, in West Africa.  The US support will also train 500 health care workers a week.

Source: reuters.com

Your morning cup of joe free at Mickey D's

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Mickey D's is trying to get you to drive thru the golden arches for your morning cup of joe; enticing you with a free cup of coffee every day for 2 weeks. It's McDonald's  second National Free Coffee Event. It kicks off today and ends on International Coffee Day, Sept. 29.

Source: time.com

Homelessness; a growing problem for CA kids

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It's heartbreaking to think that any kid would have to endure the pain of homelessness. In the IE, San Bernardino specifically, 8.1% of students are homeless.  That's the 5th highest rate for any county in our state.  In Riverside County, more than 5% of students are homeless.

Source: cahomelessyouth.library.ca.gov

Strong El Nino saving us from drought unlikely

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It was supposed to save us from this awful drought, but now, hope is fading that we'll see El Nino this winter. El Nino is a strong weather pattern that brings us lots of rain and wet weather.  Forecasters were saying that we could see El Nino as early as this fall, but they're backing away from that now. They say we will get some rain but the El Nino system will be moderate to weak. 

Source: www.nytimes.com

Toyota Tundras recalled

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Toyota's recalling about 140,000 Tundras in order to fix an issue with the airbags. The recall affects Crew-Max and Double Cab versions. If you drive one of these you can get in touch with your dealer for all the recall info. 

Source: chron.com

Time to change your gmail password

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If you have Gmail, you might want to change your password. It's possible that 5 million gmail addresses and passwords were leaked, not to mention Google Wallet could have been compromised as well. Google says it has no evidence that its servers were breached, so they're not really sure how the gmail info got out and wound up in Russian hacker's hands.

Source: fusion.net