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Millennials are staying put with mom and dad

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Brace yourselves mom and dad, they aren’t going anywhere for a long time. This survey out says Millennials like living at home with you. And why shouldn't they, in a lot of cases, you’re still doing their laundry, cooking for them, paying some of their bills, and barely charging any rent - if any at all. The survey also says the millennial generation is not in any hurry to get married, buy a home, or start their own families.

Source: money.cnn.com


September surplus food distribution

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There are still some September dates and locations for surplus give-a-ways. If you or someone you know could use a little help putting food on the table right now, this is for you.

Source: inlandnewstoday.com


Brand new Toyota recall

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Toyota just issued a brand new recall. 2014 Avalons, Camry’s, Siennas, and Highlanders, as well as some 2015 Lexus models are being recalled because of a fire hazard. When the cars were being made, something got welded wrong on the fuel delivery pipe and that could cause a fire. If your vehicle is affected you’ll get a notice in the mail.

Source: reuters.com


Most don't have $400 for an emergency

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Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen gave a speech in Washington yesterday and she said American families are vulnerable to another financial crisis because most of us don't put enough away for an emergency. She said a survey shows that if the average family had an unexpected expense of just $400, they would have to borrow it or take out a loan.

Source: wwlp.com

11 major wildfires burning in California

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11 major wildfires are burning across our state right now. Close to 6,500 firefighters are working hard to get these blazes under control, so if you could please keep these guys and all of the families affected by these fires in your prayers. Several thousand Northern California residents have been evacuated, 200 homes have been damaged or destroyed in Weed California, thankfully no lives have been lost in any of these fires. 


America's 50 best cities to live in

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No doubt you're partial to the city you live in but, this survey out says the best cities to live in are...Evanston IL, Pleasanton CA, Mountain View CA, Bellevue WA, and Newton MA took the top spot. It's awesome that CA has 2 cities in the top 5. The survey looked at things like crime rates, employment growth, educational attainment, and housing affordability to come up with this list. 


Driverless cars coming to CA public roads

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The DMV has issued its first permit authorizing Audi of America to test driverless vehicles in California. Senator Alex Padilla authored the law that required regulations governing the testing and use of driverless vehicles on public roads. The standards and regulations became effective Tuesday.

(Source: inlandnewstoday.com)